Five steps to writing a successful CV

A well-written CV is an integral step to finding a job in the Australian job market and it can also be one of the toughest challenges. On average, employers spend 8 seconds looking at a CV, so make sure your CV is no more than two-pages and straight to the point. Below are five points that will help your CV stand out in the pile.  

  1. Personal details: Learn what to add and what to leave out. Generally, your date of birth or marital status should be omitted from your CV, but include your name, address, telephone number and email. 
  2. Personal statement: Write a short concise personal statement to explicate why you are the best candidate for the advertised role. Emphasize your best attributes.  
  3. Qualifications and skills: This is where you showcase your relevant qualifications and skills (job related, adaptive, and transferable skills).
  4. Keyword friendly: Job buzzwords are important in getting passed the software scan, but do not jam-pack your CV with keywords. Carefully use the keywords on the job advertisement for a higher success rate to be called in for an interview.  
  5. Tailor it: Stop sending out the same generic CV to potential employers. Research each company you are sending your CV to and take the time to tailor your CV for each role that you apply for.  

To get the best result, you want to present yourself in the best light possible. Remember to always keep your CV up-to-date.  

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    Good post.
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    Thanks for the tips!

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